My Mission

Reimagine public safety

Crisis interventionists work in conjunction with Urbana police to ensure public safety in a compassionate way.

Invest in smart development

Commercial development is responsible and preserves the unique character of our neighborhoods.

Manage our resources wisely

Resources are managed frugally and allocated to benefit the community.

Involve youth in government

A Youth Council, affiliated with the City Council, invites young people to participate in government and become informed and engaged citizens.

Don't forget to vote the Democratic primary election on Feburary 23, 2021. Details about early voting are available from the county clerk.

Who I Am

For the last 30 years, I've been a homeowner in Urbana. I have two adult children who attended Urbana public schools.

I work at the University of Illinois as a Director of Data Analytics. I also serve as an adjunct assistant professor of sociology.

I hold a PhD in sociology from the University of Illinois with a specialization in population, health, and life course.

My family has a history of standing up for the rights of all people. My father marched in Selma with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. My son works with special needs students at Urbana Middle School.

What I Stand For

Economic development must be responsible, follow the law, and preserve the character of our neighborhoods. I was inspired to run for City Council after successfully organizing a grassroots effort to challenge proposed zoning variances for the planned unit development at 809 S. Lincoln.

My constituents have a right to be heard—in public forums or by contacting me directly. I worked to enact an important procedural change whereby Zoning Board or Planning Committee matters are moved through committee rather than going straight to Council for a vote. This change ensures that the community has an opportunity to voice concerns.

Resources are scarce and Urbana must demonstrate financial responsibility and prudence. I have a record of scrutinizing and questioning our expenditures.

I welcome your input. Feel free to .